Hopefully we can answer a number of your questions here, but please get in touch if there is anything else you need to know.

Dog Boarding

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: We need to meet you and your dog(s) prior to booking as we only accept dogs for home boarding that are fully socialised and do not display dominant or aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people. The initial 'meet and greet' session allows you to see where your dog will stay and discuss their routine. We require a deposit of 25% of the total fee to confirm your booking. 

Q: What do I need to bring when my dog boards with you?

A: The basics you will need to bring are confirmation that your dog has been vaccinated within the previous 12 months, collar and lead, bed/bedding, food bowl and his/her regular food to avoid upset stomachs. In addition, you can leave any treats or favourite toys to enjoy while they stay with us. We recommend that you don't wash your dog's bedding immediately beforehand as this will have familiar smells of home.


Dog Walking

Q: I'm not sure whether my dog will get along with others, what do I need to do?

A: We offer individual walks for dogs that are not socialised although you may need to be more flexible with regard to walk times. For group walks it's important that your dog is comfortable with other dogs. We can offer a nanny service to gradually introduce your dog to others - please contact us for details.

Q: Where will you walk my dog?

A: We prefer to walk your dog in your locality wherever possible. If your dog participates in group walks, this may mean transporting your pet to the most appropriate nearby area to meet with other members of the group.

Q: Do you really 'walk the dog'?

A: Yes, we do! You will never find us standing in the middle of a field hoping that they will run around and exercise themselves while those dogs not allowed off-lead just stand around with nothing to do. We offer more sedate walks for puppies and older dogs.


Cat Sitting

Q: I'm interested in your cat visiting service, what do I need to do?

A: Initially, just give us a call or contact us through the web form. We will need your postcode to work out exact costs per visit. We will then visit you to discuss your requirements, meet you and your cat(s) and collect the keys. A deposit of 25% of the total fee is required to confirm the booking.

 Q: What do you do when you visit my cat?

A: First and foremost, we give your cats attention and fuss. You'll need to let us know their individual quirks and preferences.  We try to establish their 'favourite thing' - it may be a toy, cuddles, the ever faithful catnip, brushing, a wander in the garden or something else. Many people with timid cats are surprised at how bold their pets become while in our care.

Q: What do I need to provide for my cat?

A: You will need to provide enough food and litter to cover the time you will be away. Whilst we provide bags for day-to-day litter refuse, we do ask that general items such as litter scoops are provided as well as bin bags for complete litter disposal. Kitchen roll, cloths and cleaning products to clean bowls and the cat's area will be required.

Q: Do you leave the keys after the cat sitting ends?

A: We offer a number of options for returning keys after our visits end:

You can subscribe to our free key-holding service for future visits.

You can collect the keys from our premises or arrange to have them delivered back to you on your return.

We can leave them in your house or drop them back through your letterbox. Please be aware that the comfort and safety of your cat is our top priority; if you choose this option it means that we would be unable to re-visit if you were delayed and you would need to make alternative arrangements.


Small Pets

Q: I have a small pet, what do I need to bring?

A: We welcome some small pets such as guinea pigs, gerbils and  fish into our home. You need to be able to transport their accomodation (maximum footprint approximately 1 x 0.6 metres) and bring their food, bedding and anything else they require for their stay. If staying for a while, fresh food can be purchased when necessary and invoiced when you collect your pet.



Q: Other pet sitting, pet boarding or dog walking companies have testimonials, why don't you?

A: While testimonials can give you a good idea about customer satisfaction, they are difficult to verify. As an alternative, we are very happy to facilitate communication with our regular clients (subject to their agreement) where you can discuss any aspect of our care in complete confidentiality. For dog walking or boarding, to respect privacy, we assess the compatability of your dog first.

Q: Will you feed treats to my pet?

A: We are happy to give any treats you provide at appropriate times, however if your pet is significantly obese we may need to discuss their feeding regime with you prior to accepting them for boarding or visits as we will never compromise their health.

Q: Do you support pet welfare charities?

A: Yes we do. We collect old blankets, towels, rugs, pet food and other items for charity. If you have any items to donate, please give us a call.